• An organization was established 3 years ago, to educate, promote and supply the best quality of Rudraksha. It went on to establish a grand global presence by becoming the world's leading organization in this field. Rudradhyan is an authority in the field of Rudraksha. Slowly but surely we became the most discussed organization in print and electronic media. All the Rudraksha supplied by them are genuine and are subjected to the best quality checks in the market. we are certified by an ISO 9001:2008 company, that adheres to total quality management principles to achieve a zero defect approach while supplying Rudraksha.

  • Rudraksha is an ancient bead of divine mysticism and Rudradhyan is the only organization that has actively involved scientific research on this bead. Wearing a Rudraksha requires the right knowledge and expert advice which Rudradhyan incorporates in its strategy while recommending this bead to its innumerous customers. This has resulted in positive outcome that has translated into positive testimonials that are innumerable. This abundantly available bead has provided excellent results to people from various walks of life. Professional - industrialists, sports persons, actors, politicians and spiritual personalities have derived tremendous benefits from wearing or worshiping it.

  • The individual approach in the process of recommendation that Rudradhyan emphasizes on has been extremely beneficial to all these individuals and they in turn reverted with positive feedbacks. Rudradhyan combines divine wisdom with accurate individual analysis and formulates unique combinations of Rudraksha, irrespective of whether it is a common man or a celebrity. This is the reason people at large have benefitted by purchasing and wearing Rudraksha recommended by the panel of experts at Rudradhyan.

  • In order to maintain the literary heritage of ancient times, Rudradhyan provides writings in relevant scriptures that reveal the properties and benefits of the mystic Rudraksha


  •  Our Aim Is To Make People Aware Of The Genuine Rudraksha Bead.

  •   delivering orignal Rudraksha at genune prices.

  •  To Take Care In Maintaining The Quality And Sanctity Of The Bead.

  •    To Promote Further Research And Analysis On Rudraksha, So That The Results Obtained May Be Used  For  The  Benefit Of All.


  • To Educate People On Rudraksha So That They Can Use Them To Heal And Empower Themselves According To The Knowledge Presented In Our Religious Texts And New Scientific Research.

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