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The Shivalingam denotes the primeval energy of the Creator. It is believed that at the end of all creation, during the great deluge, all of the different aspects of God find a resting place in the Lingam; Brahma is absorbed into the right, Vishnu to the left and Gayatri into the heart.

A gemstone shivling is considered highly auspicious and is said to have one of the highest frequency vibration rate.

The body’s metabolic energy can be regulated by red jasper’s therapeutic abilities. This stone gives the body vigor and strength while boosting our physical endurance.

Additionally, this stone aids in the relief of bodily pain brought on by protracted illness. It strengthens our circulatory system, aids in blood detoxification, and clears liver and bile duct blockages.

Red jasper is thought to be the best remedy for anemia, heart problems, and tiredness. Red jasper has the ability to strengthen our hearts, is one of its best physical healing traits.

Red jasper stone has been known to boost libido and fertility, especially when used in conjunction with infertility treatments. It is thought to support healthy fetal growth, stabilize pregnancies, and promote safe deliveries.

Jasper is useful for stopping bleeding, especially nosebleeds, and it also helps to lessen hemorrhoids. It eases gout symptoms, treats sensory loss of smell, and calms epilepsy.

One of the healing powers of red jasper is grounding. It aids in boosting self-confidence and helps individuals in staying grounded and stable. We are shielded from harmful energy by the protective powers of red jasper.

Both the kundalini energy and our life force energy can be boosted by it.

It is capable of illuminating our inner strength. In times of difficulty and necessity, this stone offers us support.

red jasper stone energizes us and helps us stay motivated to achieve our objectives.

We gain mental fortitude and steadiness from this stone. It fosters a leadership characteristic and aids in honing the necessary abilities.

It also offers emotional strength and stability as well as spiritual strength.

Red Jasper is related to the root or base chakra. Its link to the root chakra aids in energizing and stabilizing our body.

It purifies, aligns, and strengthens our chakras and aura when placed directly over the chakras.

This stone helps us achieve yin-yang energy equilibrium. The equilibrium between the physical, emotional, and mental systems is established by red jasper.

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